PWC is a full service wine shop and liquor store located in the heart of Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood. We opened our doors November, 2015 with the vision and culmination of 16+ years in the wine industry. We offer a large selection of libations to suit any of your celebration needs along with the perfect bottle for a Tuesday night at home. Next to our lengthy list of boutique selections, we also stock reliable favorites. We want to be a store that welcomes you as soon as you walk in and will take the time to help you find exactly what you are looking for or suggest something new and interesting. At Pearl Wine Company, we believe that every bottle has a story to tell. We hand select each bottle sorting through the sea of libations to find selections from those who create authentic products. It is our pleasure to be your humble guides into the world of wine, spirits and beer.


The idea for Pearl Wine Company happened while my mom and I were cooking Thanksgiving Dinner about 10 years ago. My mom opened a bottle and said, “what do you think?” I had to then proceed to tell her that the wine she picked out was actually wine that was produced by a large corporation that buys bulk juice puts it in an attractive bottle/label. In fact I told her that 5 companies, 4 of which are publicly traded, control about 60% of the wine market in the United States! She promptly said well I don’t want to drink that. How do I know what wine what to buy? This is where it gets tricky. Many of the brands that we might think are still family owned have been purchased and are owned by large corporations. The sale often does not include the vineyards that produce the wine because their primary concern is the brand.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to walk into vineyards, cellars and work with some of the great winemakers in the world. These individuals inspired me to share there stories and focus on them. At Pearl Wine Company this is our mantra that we carry through out the store, whether selecting a new beer or whiskey for the shelf.

Now, mom can come in pick any bottle off of the shelf and know that it has been carefully selected.






Wine has always been an important part of my life. I remember when the wine bug bit me in college and I fell head over heels. The history, authenticity and perseverance of the wine makers and their stories are what first intrigued me. Wine is something that is enjoyed with friends and family. It is a part of celebrations, holidays, catching up with a friend or exploring a new culture. My passion for family owned wineries has been fueled by each position that I have held in the wine industry over the past 16 years. What I have come to learn is that families and small producers consistently make the best wine, beer and spirits in the world because of their knowledge and commitment. At Pearl Wine Company we too believe in that philosophy. The idea that every bottle has a story has been a concept that I developed throughout my career and continue to believe in today.





You will see ‘mom’ walking around the store from time to time and working at the check out counter. I used to come home to visit and she would ask what I thought of a particular wine she was drinking. I’d usually would, say “not much” and then explain to her how that particular bottle of wine was made. She would then reply, “Well I don’t want to drink those types of wines. Can you help me buy the good stuff?” Today, she can just come select any bottle off the shelf. Mom also has some favorites so if you happen to catch her make sure to ask her what she is drinking.




Josh started frequenting the store when we first opened in November. After several visits, I simply said “do you want a job here.” He is veteran of the hospitality industry and has an immense passion for wine, whisky and beer. Josh is a whisky ambassador certified by the United Kingdom as well as Introductory Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Josh is also sitting for his Certified Sommelier this June. In addition to being a wealth of knowledge Josh is an all-star barista!

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Jared is another veteran of the hospitality industry. Jared spent several years working in local restaurants bartending and for a local distributor. After feeling the pressure of having to sell wines that he was not passionate about he enrolled in a political science program at Metro. Since starting at PWC it is safe to say that Jared has rekindled his passion for wine, beer and spirits.


Pearl Wine Company believes in our community. Providing service and hospitality that the neighborhood values is equally as important as being an active member of our community. Public schools are the backbone of great neighborhoods. We understand the budget constraints that our public schools are facing every year. With these budget constraints in mind PWC has made the decision to focus its charitable contributions throughout 2017 to its neighborhood public schools. Hyper-focusing enables PWC to make meaningful contributions.

In April of 2017 Pearl Wine Company announced PWC School Cash Program. A year round fundraising campaign benefiting our local public schools: Asbury Elementary, McKinley Thatcher Elementary, Grant-Beacon Middle School and South High School. Parents and community members can purchase reloadable cash cards in the name of one of the neighborhood schools listed in the program. Pearl Wine Company will donate 5% of the cash card sale quarterly to the assigned schools.

To announce the program and promote School Cash, Pearl Wine Company donated 5% of total sales in April of 2017 to Asbury Elementary, McKinley Thatcher Elementary, Grant-Beacon Middle School and South High School. Pearl Wine Company raised over $4,000 in April.

In addition to the School Cash Program PWC host an annual Anniversary Tasting held in November. Ticket proceeds from the Anniversary Tasting benefit Asbury Elementary, McKinley Thatcher Elementary, Grant-Beacon Middle School and South High School. Our first annual Anniversary tasting in November of 2016 raised $4,500.

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