WNW-Summer Sippin with Allan Dibben

WNW Presents Summer Sippin’ with Allan Dibben
Yeah, there’s a bit of a fall breeze in the air today, but we all know summer ain’t quite over. There are still plenty of hot ones and still plenty of days that you’ll wanna pour ice cold bottles of rosé over your head. That’s why we’ve got Allan in the house this Wednesday to pour us some hot weather favorites. And if you’re extra ready to move into the next season (trust us, we are too), then think of the selections in a fall context. Rosé knows no seasonal limits, anymore, so come taste and buy bottles of sparkling pink or the insatiable Garnacha Allan will he pouring for cooler days and more festive occasions. We don’t care what you do with the stuff once it leaves our store, we just hope it gets a loving home.
Even though Wednesday is about summer sippin’, Allan will he pouring a nice variety of wines; a little something for everyone. Well of course have a couple pinks, duh. One of them is a sparkling rosé Prosecco that hits a majorly great price point AND tastes delicious. The white were pouring is new to the shop and has all excited; it’s a white Rioja from Senorio de P. Pecina. What exactly is a white Rioja? Well you’ll have to come taste to TRULY find out, but it’s a white wine made of Viura from a region that mostly is famed for their Tempranillo. These wines can be oaked or unoaked. This one comes unoaked but with some age on it, lees contact and lots of complexity.  Those ready for red season will fall in love with our last selection, the Bernabeleva Navaherreros Garnacha.  This biodynamic and organic vineyard in Madrid dates back to 1923 and has been in the family ever since. The wine is beautiful, silky smooth and perfect for any season, really.
Tasting Notes
Bisol Jeio Rosé Prosecco: A delightful sparkling with notes of strawberry, mineral and rose petals.
2018 Miraval Studio Rosé: A beautiful Mediterranean rosé boasting pretty notes of herbs, strawberry and citrus.
2016 Senorio de P. Pecina White Rioja:  Complex notes of citrus, mineral and white flowers.

2017 Bernabeleva Navaherreros Garnacha: A gorgeous and soft, but fresh, Garnacha showing notes of sweet berry fruit, graphite and Chinese five spice.