WNW Presents: Drink Pink with Evan Hornsby

This month’s tastings are all about finding a way to wipe your brow from the inside out, and we all know that there’s no better way to cool down than with one million glasses of rose poured down our parched little throats.  Wanna go a step further?  How about a bath of rose!  A kiddie pool full of it! Or a sink full of it that you splash on your face to wake yourself up every morning!  That’s how deeply we believe in the power of cold rose during a hot week such as this.  You know what’s less trouble than making a big ravioli dinner?  Opening a bottle of rose.  You know what’s easier than going to the sweaty gym?  Drinking rose.  Do we need to beat this dead pink horse any longer?  We think not.  Come to the tasting this Wednesday, and we promise you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and reinvigorated.  Buy a few bottles, and you can continue living your best life in the comfort of your home or in your kiddie pool.
Think you’ve had all the rose summer has to offer?  We bet not.  Evan Hornsby is bringing his A-game Wednesday and will be pouring the most delicious of pink offerings.  He’ll have the Ch. Saint Honore, a beautiful, classic Provencal gem, the Jakue Txakoli Rose in all its zesty wonder, the Bertolani Rose Lambrusco, a Kristen favorite and the Girofle rose of negroamaro, a beautifully toned rose meant for meatier fare.  AND! He’ll be pouring it from a magnum!  Rose is fun.  Rose in mags is a blast!  Don’t miss out this Wednesday.  If you don’t have the money to spend on yourself at the spa, treat yourself by coming to this FREE tasting.  We all could use some TLC and this week it comes in the form of ice cold rose.  Join us!
Tasting Notes
2018 Ch. Saint Honore Rose of Provence: A delightfully aromatic rose boasting classic notes of stone fruit, strawberry and Mediterranean herbs.
2018 Finca Jakue Txakolina Rose: Eek! This stunner packs crazy vibrancy and zest along with loads of citrus and saline.
2018 Bertolani Lambrusco Rose: Year after year, this gem continues to impress with soft notes of strawberry and raspberry, white pepper and violets.
2018 Girofle Rosato of Negroamaro: This vibrantly colored rose has a bit more backbone and sports notes of ripe red and black fruit, herbs and some spice.