WNW: Mendocino Wine Company

WNW Presents The Mendocino Wine Company
We are excited to have Mendocino Wine Company represented in the shop Wednesday, not only because they have a delicious and affordable line up to pour, but also because even at such modest prices the wines that they produce are incredibly well made and sustainable to the max.  The Parducci line of wines come from a winery where they have created an innovative and standard-setting water reclamation system that allows the winery to reuse 100% of the water from the winemaking operations.  The Paul Dolan Vineyards are certified organic, and the Moniker wines are certified Fish Friendly for their farming practices.  It’s like you’re saving the Earth if you come out and try and buy these wines!  (At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves.)  Wanna know another really cool reason to love these wines? Parducci Farm.  Parducci Farm is located on 15 acres just ¼ mile south of the winery.  They raise 350 hens, 80 breeding ewes and 8 breeding sows along with a plethora of fruits and vegetables.  The farm provides a year round supply of fruits, vegetables, eggs and pork to the 60+ employees of Parducci Wine Cellars.  We have just one question…are they hiring

Tasting Notes:

2016 Parducci Pinot Noir: Mouthfilling, ripe and generous, this medium to full bodied wine packs a lot of flavor.  Black cherry, blueberry and a hint of mocha with mild tannins and soft acidity for a gentle structure.

2016 Moniker Cabernet Sauvignon: Very classic Cabernet with notes of black cherry, wet earth and leather framed by firm tannins and a sophisticated touch of oak.

2016 Moniker Chardonnay: An elegant Chardonnay that will convert any hater.  Delicious notes of crisp apple, bosc pear and subtle vanilla along with soft notes of nutmeg and cardamom.  Perfectly balanced.

2016 Paul Dolan Zinfandel: A Zin everyone will love!  Lots of dark berry fruit and cherry notes alongside subtle spice and oak.  Full bodied and incredibly quaffable.