WNW: Kristen’s Hot Picks for Hot Weather

WNW Presents: Hot Picks for Hot Weather

Is there any other way to cool down in summer’s hottest month other than by drowning yourself in  quaffable vino? If you’ve got central a/c, good for you. If you’ve got a pool in your yard, we hate you…(unless you invite us over). So, for the rest of us left to melt away in the breezeless heat, may we suggest just what the doctor ordered? The wine doctor that is. And that would be lots of cold, cold wine. “But isn’t it hard for a wine to open up aromatically if it’s too cold?” Yes! But you have to chill it way the heck down if you’re gonna bring it out to your lawn to sunbathe, right? Come Wednesday and hear what Kristen prescribes for a hot, hot day. The line up will be incredible and will quench your thirst and get you thinkin’ right, again. You don’t insurance for medicine like this AND there are no side effects other than fun and relaxation.
*Kristen is not a doctor. No one at Pearl Wine Company is a doctor. We cannot tell you how to live your life. We can only make suggestions about how to live it more deliciously.