Every Wine. Every Month. Every Time.


The Share, is a wine subscription service that includes, a media rich booklet and a monthly selection of wines. Every wine is chosen to reflect our immense passion for families, wine-cology and discovery. Each month the booklets Share information about each wine focusing on three pillars of how we select wine at Pearl Wine Company. The selection of wines reflects the season and what we are personally drinking.


Every bottle is guaranteed family owned. Families are unwilling to make comprises that could damage their vineyards, their history and their future. In the Share’s monthly-accompanied packet we tell the story of why these families care.


This is our all-encompassing term for how these families farm their vineyards and the choices they make in their winery. A single certification is not good enough for us, so in The Share booklet we list all the impactful parts of how a wine is grown and made.


We choose each wine to not only be seasonally appropriate but to specifically show a unique aspect of the wine world. We explain these amazing idiosyncrasies in the discover portion of the booklet.

Please click the link below to be directed to “The Share” website for more information and to join.