Why Not Wednesday-Get your grill on!

Memorial Day has passed, and now we feel like we can officially declare it grilling season.  Now to decide what to grill and what to drink while you do it.  An ice cold beer is classic, grill-side, and we couldn’t say no to a refreshing gin and tonic on a warm day, but this week’s tasting will feature wines that we’d like to accompany our outdoor cooking adventures.  Whether you’re looking for something delicious to sip on while you man the grill or for the perfect wine to down with your chicken skewers or a nice fat steak, Wednesday’s tasting will show you the way.  And it’s not all about big, red wines!  We’ve got a diverse line up of reds, whites and roses all queued up for, even, the finicky of palates.
We’ll start things off with a delicious, all purpose white from the Rhone Valley of France, the Saint Cosme Little James Basket Press White Blend.  We love this producer, and the value on this sipper is insane.  Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier come together in this blend to produce bright, citrusy acidity, as well as, a texture and richness that can stand up to just about anything you dare it to.  We love this wine with grilled chicken, shrimp tacos or a smattering of summer veggies.
Next, we’ll be pouring a wine from a female winemaker you’ve heard us obsess over time and time again, Marilena Barbera.  She’s one of our favorite Sicilian producers because she makes insanely good wines of integrity and place and because she’s just generally an amazing woman.  She has an appetite for American whiskey and is quite a pool shark…Kristen can tell you so.  Marilena’s La Bambina Rose is something we look forward to every year.  It’s unique and interesting and saliney and savoury and we love it.  This rose is cool, too, because it can pair with so much more than picnic fare or light apps.  Try it with grilled seafood, paella, marinated pork chops or pork belly tacos.
Moving on to reds!  We know some of you cannot picture a meat-laden BBQ without the presence of a big, fat glass of velvety red wine to wash down that burger.  We hear ya.  Here are our answers to that want.  First, we have a fun, juicy and affordable South African red blend from famed producer Adi Badenhorst.  The Curator is a blend of Shiraz, Mouvedre, Pinotage and Cinsault and gives off dark fruit flavors, spice and a touch of smoke all while not being too heavy.  It’s a wine that’s just generally super likeable.  Lookiing for something bigger and a bit more serious?  You’ll love our next selection from the Rhone Valley of France, Domaine Cottebrune Faugeres Red Blend.  This is a classic GSM blend (Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre) with lots of meaty and earthy flavors and with some bigger tannins for the serious meat lovers.  Imagine this wine with smoked brisket or gamey sausages.
Tasting Notes:
2017 Saint Cosme Little James Basket Press White Blend: A delicious and refreshing blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier boasting crisp notes of citrus and stone fruit, elderflower, lychee and stony minerality.
2018 Marilena Barbera La Bambina Rose: A rose of 100% Nero d’Avola, this rose is unique in color and style.  Lots of herbacous notes here along with crushed red fruit, saline, a touch of spice and some tomato leaf.
2018 A.A Badenhorst Curator Red Blend: An easy drinking but flavorful blend of Shiraz, Mouvedre, Pinotage and Cinsault.  Lots of dark and red fruit, a touch of spice and a smoky finish.
2014 Domaine Cottebrune Faugeres Red Blend: A full bodied blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre with plenty of meatiness and flavor.  Notes of earth, herbs, pepper and mineral.
Instagram Note: WNW presents Get Your Grill On!  The sun is out, Memorial Day has come and gone and it’s officially grilling season!  Join us this Wednesday for a tasting where we’ll feature wines perfect for sipping while you man the smoker or while you dine on all those delicious meaty bits.  Not a meat eater?  We’ve got a diverse selection of whites, roses and reds meant for just about any fare, from veggies to veal.  We’ll also be pairing up our wine line up with some selections from our newest addition to the shop, Culture Meat and Cheese.  Don’t miss this tasting.  If you’re not, yet, in the mood for summer, Wednesday will take you there.  Tropical dad shirt suggested.