Valentine’s Day Italian Bubbles

WNW: Spumante d’Amore

We love Valentine’s Day. We don’t care that it may be kitschy or corporate and we don’t care if you’re single, married or happy living out your days as a cat lady, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to wear pink, eat surf and turf and drink bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles. And you now where you can find FREE delicious, Italian bubbles this week?? At our WNW! This Wednesday we’ll have a killer and diverse lineup of Italian sparkling to tickle your nose. 

The tasting starts in in the northwest of Italy, in Piedmont. Yes, Piedmont is home to more than just Barolo. Enrico Serfino has been making Champagne Method sparkling since the last 19th century and the winery continues to today. The Enrico Serafino Alta Langa Brut is comprised of mostly Pinot Noir with a touch of Chardonnay. It’s made in the Traditional Method, and drinks like Champagne for a sliver of the price.

Next, we head to the east to Veneto. We’ve all had Prosecco, but Wednesday’s lesson in Prosecco will be, both, eye opening and mouth watering. We’re tasting the Adami Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Brut Bosco di Gico DOCG. What do all those words mean? Prosecco from the original zone. Prosecco with character and complexity. Come and taste for yourself.

Finally, we’ll head way down south to Emilia Romagna for some Lambrusco from Cleto Chiarli. Cleto Chiarli is not just A Lambrusco; it IS Lambrusco! Cleto founded the first wine producing region in Emilia Romagna in 1860 after having great success with his homemade Lambrusco is his restaurant nearby in Modena. Since then his family has been making world class Lambrusco. Wednesday we’ll be pouring two of them, and you’ll have the chance to taste diversity of soil and style for yourself.

Enrico Serafino Alta Langa Brut:

This blend of mostly Pinot Noir with a hint of Chardonnay is creamy yet vibrant with notes of toast, hazelnut and ripe fruit, as well as, bright citrus and fresh green apple.

Adami Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Brut Bosco di Gica DOCG:

Madd from mostly Glera with a touch of Chardonnay, this Prosecco is refreshing and crisp but not without complexity. You’ll taste lots of crushed stone, wild mint and stone fruit.

Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco di Sorbara:

A pretty and refreshing Lambrusco. Light in color and delicate with notes of strawberry, herbs and mineral.

Cleto Chiarli “Vigneto Cialdini” Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC:

This Lambrusco is deeper in color and shows more intensity. Lots of blackberry and cranberry on the palate with an earthy component.