Why Not Wednesday-Under the Tuscan Moon

This week we have the singlar William Davis in store representing two very special wineries. William is the Regional Manager-Mountain States for Wilson Daniels, one of the leading importers and marketers of wines and spirits in the United States. He has led seminars and moderated events across the country, including Santa Fe Wine and Chile, Taste of Vail, the Denver International Wine Festival, the James Beard Foundations’ Cruise Series, and the Park City Food and Wine Classic. Sitting with winemakers and traveling the wine world is essential to his continued growth…and, well, having a glass of vino with the most interesting people on earth doesn’t hurt!


The first winery is Castello di Volpaia. It overlooks the village of Radda in Chianti. The town was built in the 11th century as a fortified village on the border of Florence and Sienna. Although only part of the original protective walls and two of its six towers are still standing, the medieval layout and buildings within the village are still intact, making Volpaia one of the best preserved villages of its period.

Just as it has been for the last 900 years, the entire village is intimately involved in the production of wine and olive oil. The cellars, bottling plant, barrels and olive press are nestled within the original stone walls that have been carefully restored by owners Carlo Mascheroni and Giovanella Stianti Mascheroni and their children, Nicolo and Federica. The nearly 114 acres of vineyards owned by Castello di Volpaia are at 1,300-2,130 feet above sea level, making Volpaia the highest winery in the Chianti region. The land is comprised of soils consisting largely of sandstone and a sedimentary rock from the Pliocene era. Volpaia is certified organic and biodynamic in all of its vineyards.


2015 Castello di Volpaia Chianti Classico, Tuscany Italy – Sangiovese :: $24 Sale $22

The 2015 growing season was very warm. Beginning in May, the growth cycle of the grapevines began 10 days earlier than any time in our recorded vinicultural history at the winery. This warm late summer and early fall period guaranteed fantastic ripening and produced outstanding quality. The Chianti Classico has a vivid ruby color and a strong nose of fresh red fruit with hints of cherry. This is a well-structured wine with a fruity finish.


2014 Castello di Volpaia Chianti Classico Riserva, Tuscany Italy – Sangiovese :: $36 Sale $32

The Volpaia Chianti Classico Riserva label features the della Volpaia family coat of arms. The family took its name from the village of Volpaia itself. The year 2014 was fresh with frequent rains especially in spring and summer. Temperatures were very high in the second half of July, instead August was not very hot. The beginning of September a few rains started but mid-September the rain stopped and we had good weather until the end of the harvest. Ripeness of grapes was slow and the harvest started later than usually.


The second winery: Val di Suga’s history began in 1969, when a company owned by Aldo Moro bought agricultural land to the north of Montalcino and built a manufacturing and retail business on it. Previously used for forage, these lands were gradually made into vineyards as they changed hands a number of times until, in 1982, Val di Suga began making wines in its own winemaking cellars. The first vintage to be sold was Val di Suga Brunello Riserva 1977. The company’s viticultural and oenological growth was rapid.

These were the years in which the denomination’s success and expansion began. It was this and constant hard work and commitment in both wine growing and making, that made Val di Suga begin to stand out in the Montalcino wine panorama. A vineyard in a lakeside position in front of the estate buildings was chosen for its special characteristics to produce to first Brunello selection, Vigna del Lago. The first vintage produced for this cru was 1983.


2014 Val di Suga Rosso di Montalcino, Tuscany Italy – Sangiovese Rosso :: $32 Sale $28

The growing season began with cool, wet weather. The flowering was generally good, but cooler than normal temperatures affected fertility in some cases, slightly reducing yields. July was hot and dry, while mid-August experienced one rainfall relieving stress on the vines. The late ripening Sangiovese, however, took advantage of the mid-September rain, followed by beautiful weather with swings in temperature between day and night. This vintage shows a bright, ruby red. Lively, fresh fruit notes of cherry and red currants mixed with sweet spices. Full-bodied and soft with ripe fruit flavors and a long finish. A versatile wine that pairs well with light fare, white meats and heavy pastas.


2013 Val di Suga Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany Italy – Sangiovese Rosso :: $79 Sale $72

Summer weather conditions during the first ten days of September, with constant sunshine and temperatures even above average, especially in daytime. Red with garnet highlights. Rich, complex nose opens up immediately with dark cherry, chinotto orange and violet then with wider, more complex notes of blueberry, vanilla, tobacco, cinnamon and chocolate with a menthol finish. In the mouth, this Brunello has a classic style, elegant tannins and a long finish.



Saturday Tasting

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