Truchard Winery- Meet Anthony Truchard


The Truchard family wine tradition began in the U.S. over a century ago. In 1887, Jean Marie Truchard emigrated from a small town outside of Lyon, with his brother, Father Anthony Marie Truchard, a Catholic priest. Together they established a vineyard and winery on a 500-acre plot of land in Southeast Texas. Fortunately for the family, Jean Marie left something much more important — his farming legacy. Soil ran deep through the Truchard bloodline.   Although the vineyards were converted for cattle grazing, Jean Marie’s grandson Tony eventually inherited his love of farming and pioneering spirit. Born in Texas along with his six brothers and sisters, Tony was taught at a young age how to cultivate the land in the same tradition. Like most children reared on a rural farm however, he yearned to escape to college and enrolled at the University of Texas Austin. Subsequently, he decided to go to medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. There he met his wife Jo Ann.

After college Tony received orders to report to Korea for a two year tour; however, a very pregnant Jo Ann changed all of that by slipping on a grape in the grocery store in San Antonio and breaking her knee.  Four days later, sporting a full leg cast, Jo Ann delivered their fourth baby and their lives changed.  Instead of Korea, the Army decided to send Tony to Northern California to serve as the medical commander for a base near the Nevada border.

During Tony’s tour in California the Truchard family took a number of road trips.  On one such trip, after checking in at the Presidio in San Francisco, the family drove up to the Napa Valley to see the vineyards.  Tony thought it would be “fun” to buy some Napa property and plant a vineyard.  During the next two decades, Tony continued to buy property until he had 400 adjoining acres.  At the same time, their family grew to include 4 daughters and 2 sons.

This week we have Tony and Jo Anns son Anthony in store. Anthony grew up climbing grape vines and tractors. Today, alongside his parents, Anthony works incessantly and passionately to maintain the integrity of his family’s wines and loves sharing them with the world.

The vines at Truchard Vineyards benefit not only from the cooling fog and moderate temperatures of Carneros, but are also influenced by the estate’s unique topography, consisting of rolling hills, steep ravines, and numerous valleys. In addition, they are positioned across a wide variety of soil types including clay, shale, sandstone, lava rock, and volcanic ash. These factors allow the Truchards to grow diverse grape varieties, each planted with its optimal growing conditions in mind and minimal intervention.

Chardonnay :: Reg $36 Sale $29

A floral nose: tropical fruit, Meyer lemon, and pineapple; combined with fig, vanilla, and spice. The mouth is filled with intense flavors of wildflower honey, green apple, and fresh pear. Firm acidity provides a bright finish of citrus, mineral, and toasted oak. This Chardonnay pairs excellent with lighter fair, especially salmon, chicken and pork.

Roussanne :: Reg $26 Sale $22

Rich aromas of green apple, honeydew melon, and lychee

fruit; highlighted with pineapple and vanilla. The mouth has subtle flavors of nectarine, peach and fresh pear. Bright acidity provides a crisp finish of citrus, mineral, and spice. It is described as in between a Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Roussanne is an excellent aperitif and pairs well with seafood, poultry, and many spicy dishes.

Merlot :: Reg $36 Sale $29

It has concentrated aromas of floral blueberry, ripe plum and blackberry; with hints of cedar, spice, and subtle mint. The mouth is rich and smooth – black cherry, plum jam, red currants, and sweet vanilla. Fine-grained tannins focus the palate and provide an elegant finish of dried red fruits. This Merlot pairs well with many hearty meat dishes, especially lamb.

Pinot Noir :: Reg $42 Sale $32

Rich, smoky aromas of plum, wild strawberry, and rhubarb; accented with subtle notes of citrus blossom and tea. The mouth is silky-smooth, with flavors of cranberry, black cherry, and sweet vanilla. Bright acidity and delicate tannins focus the palate and provide a lingering finish of spice and red fruit. Our Pinot Noir pairs excellent with lighter fair, especially salmon, chicken and pork.


::Saturday Tasting:: 

Is the passion project of Karen Hertz, a craft beer enthusiast and lover of living life to the fullest. Karen survived melanoma and thyroid cancer in her early 30’s, leading to a treatment plan including a gluten-free diet. Along with beating cancer came the desire to focus on health, happiness and a commitment to celebrate life every single day.

As a beer lover, being gluten intolerant meant only drinking gluten-free beer or not partaking in social activities in the same way her friends and family could. The lack of good tasting, gluten-free options was a challenge for Karen – one that she was driven to overcome. Years of taste testing GF beers, research on gluten-free ingredients and an understanding of processes other brewing companies utilized led her to believe there was a better way.

And so, the idea of Holidaily Brewing Company was born: a company dedicated to creating excellent tasting gluten-free beer.

We start sippin’ and tastin’ at 4pm. Hope you can make it! Tag your pics #pickitupatpearl and #Neverabadbottle so we can CHEERS! 



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