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March 2nd we will feature Susana Balbo Wines in store for our ‘Why Not Wednesday’ tasting from 4-7pm!

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Wines will be on sale until next March 8thScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.42.55 AM, 2016
  • Susana Balbo, Torrontés Signature (2014) – Regular $32 Sale $28
  • Susana Balbo, Cabernet Sauvignon Signature – Regular $26 Sale $22
  • Susana Balbo, Malbec – Regular $26 Sale $22
  • Susana Balbo, Mendoza Brioso (2012) – Regular $50 Sale $44
Five Must-Know Facts about Susana Balbo Wines:
Susana became the first female enologist in Argentina after graduating with honors from Don Bosco University in Mendoza in 1981. Due to the male-dominated industry in Mendoza, her first job took her north to Salta where she changed Argentine wine history with her first vintage of premium Torrontés.
Susana continually seeks innovative ways to enhance her winemaking, from experimenting with barrel volumes (160L through 6,500L) to testing wild vs cultured yeasts. For premium wine production, Susana chooses concrete eggs for fermenting vessels. The egg’s porous concrete breathes like oak yet allows the wine to develop as if it were made in stainless steel. The resulting wine has a pure expression of fruit with a richer, more complex mouthfeel.
Susana Balbo has been an influential leader in Argentine wine not only with her own projects at SBW, but also as elected President of Wines of Argentina (Argentina’s international trade promotion organization).With WoA, Susana has been elected by her industry peers three times due to her work ethic, visionary leadership, and dedication to the success of Argentine wine worldwide.
In 2011 and 2012, Susana’s son Jose and daughter Ana joined the winery to help build SBW to where it is today. Jose helps Susana as the winery’s head of R&D alongside his role as Exportation Manager. Ana is SBW’s Marketing Manager as well as General Manager of the winery restaurant Osadía de Crear.
Susana continuously seeks uncharted territory in the wine world to see what limits can be tested. Most recently, Susana crafted Argentina’s first Barrel Fermented Torrontes. It’s a wine that is not only the first of its kind, but harvested from a previously unproven terroir for Torrontés in the Uco Valley. The Wine Advocate’s Luis Gutierrez calls it one of the “10 Argentine Wines to Drink Before You Die”.

The creation of my wines at Susana Balbo Wines is to me the maximum achievement as a winemaker, product of all my efforts and many years of hard work. I could say that the winery is like my third child, a dream come true.” Susana.


Born into a traditional family, Susana reneged of her fate since she was young by applying to study nuclear physics in Bariloche. Being this a very unconventional choice for the time, her parents refused to let her leave Mendoza. From that point, Susana decided to follow the family business (viticulture) professionally, thus challenging the contemporary social beliefs, because at that time no women had graduated as winemaker.


In 1981 Susana recieved her degree in enology, and became the first woman in Argentina to do so. Her career started in Cafayate, Salta province at Michel Torino winery where she was in charge of developing and stylizing the Torrontes varietal. Afterwards she worked at many well-regarded wineries such as Martins and Catena Zapata.

In 2012, she was recognized as one of the “Most influental women wine-makers” by The Drink Business magazine. Recently, in 2015, she was awarded by the same magazine as “Woman of the year”.


Throughout her career as a winemaker, Susana had the opportunity of working internationally. She was the first Argentinean woman hired as a consultant to wineries worldwide: Spain, Chile, Italy, Brazil, Australia, and California. This experience allowed her to always be ahead of market trends and wine styles.


Susana’s life reached its peak in 1999 with the birth of Susana Balbo Wines. She was able to achieve her lifelong dream: to have her own winery and to create her own wines. The rapid growth of her project, the international appreciation of her brands can be seen at this link

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