Scarpetta: Wines Inspired by Italy

WNW presents Scarpetta: Wines Inspired By Italy

This Wednesday we’re taking a trip to northern Italy. To Friuli-Venezia Giulia, to be exact. It’s a tasting not meant for too much seriousness and you won’t need a decanter. Picture yourself in a breezy, white, cotton button up, a chic pair of chinos and maybe a sweater around your shoulders for when the sun goes down. You’re at a cafe table eating and talking to friends, not a care in the world. THIS is that kind of tasting. The Scarpetta wines follow true to Italian traditions, and are to be enjoyed with great conversation, lots of food and little moments of celebration. Scarpetta refers to a small piece of bread used to soak up the last bit of delicious sauce on your plate that you can’t possibly leave behind, and the wines were created as an homage to this lifestyle.
Our line up Wednesday will include two canned wines from the Frico line; a delicious, fizzy white and a refreshing Lambrusco. Well also taste the Frico red, a Sangiovese blend and the Scarpetta Prosecco. 
Bring your friends. Bring your family. Bring a piece of salami and some bread. Let’s enjoy ourselves a little, shall we?

Tasting Notes:

Frico Frizzante White Wine: This wine may come from a can, but there’s nothing classless about it! The wine is Delightful with floral and citrus notes and a touch of almond. Fizzy and refreshing! Try with fruit and cheese.

Frico Lambrusco: The perfect picnic accompaniment! A refreshing and fizzy red that’s dry but fruity. Dark red fruit notes and a touch of herbs. Lovely with meats and cheeses.

Frico Rosso: This Sangiovese blend is extremely versatile and will pair with everything from picnics and bbqs to dinner under the stars. Its easy drinking but not without complexity and boasts notes of tart cherry and herbs.

Scarpetta Prosecco: From the Grace del Friuli, Italy’s newest Prosecco D.O, this Prosecco was made to taste like the one the winemakers originally fell in love with. Dry and refreshing with notes of juicy melon, white flowers and green apple.