Meet the Wine Maker: John R. Gibson

John R. Gibson Joins us in Store 4-7pm Saturday!


Salexis wines are an overflow of love for the amazing grapes of the Napa valley crafted in a timeless style with a huge focus on creating amazing moments. John and Ann Gibson believe the best way to enjoy their wine is with good food and great company. John Gibson has worked for some of the greatest wineries in California and has long, personal relationships with some of the greatest vine growers in California.

In 1998 John was offered some Merlot grapes from the amazing Snowden vineyards, and his dreams of making his own wine came true. Upon release of the wine in 2001, John attended a film festival in New York where he watched a quirky wine movie, Sideways. In the film Paul Giamitti’s character spits impassioned vitriol about Merlot causing the entirety of California Merlot sales to plummet. John’s moral compass would not allow him to blend the wine into something else or re-label his bottles but faith in his work led him to save his production.

With great honor and respect for how hard this choice must have been, we are proud to now showcase his 2001 Merlot, for a steal! If the culture around Merlot had not changed we would probably not be able to enjoy this Merlot at such a beautiful arc on its journey. We will also have John’s other project Four Wind Cellars showcasing his Zinfandel and Syrah. These are beautiful wines that show how amazing, well made Napa wines can become even more amazing over time!


2013 Salexis Wines Reserve, Napa Valley California – Chardonnay :: $52 Sale $46

2001Salexis Wines Reserve, Napa Valley California – Merlot :: $41 Sale $38

2014 Four Winds Cellars, Sierra Foothills California – Zinefandel :: $36 Sale $33

2013 Four Winds Cellars, Sierra Foothills California – Syrah :: $32 Sale $28



                     We start sippin’ and tastin’ at 4pm. Hope you can make it! Tag your pics #pickitupatpearl and #Neverabadbottle so we can CHEERS! 

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