Meet the Winemaker-Marilena Barbera

WNW-Meet the Winemaker, Marilena Barbera from a Cantine Barbera 

These past few weeks have been like 100 Christmas Eves over and over again. The anticipation of Marilena Barbera’s arrival has been great, and we are so happy the day had finally come! Happy for us because we love and respect her and can’t wait to drink some of her goodies, and happy for you because you’ll finally be able to meet the woman behind our inaugural Winery of the Month and find out why we think she’s so special. Come to the tasting Wednesday and hear Marilena her home in Menfi and why it’s  so special to her and to the wines that she makes. Chat with her about her natural winemaking practices and find out why she considers her Nero d’Avola tone more feminine in style than other Sicilian Neros. Her smile and her laugh will tie it all together for you, and you’ll finally see why we adore this passionate and spirited woman and all she does.

Marilena will be pouring four of her wines on Wednesday with (possibly) a surprise or two, as well. First up, Marilena will be pouring her Single Vineyard Inzolia. This is a super special wine; one that we never see here in Colorado. Inzolia is a native grape to Sicily and just sings of the ocean. She grows it as an homage to Menfi and to her grandfather, who first planted there.

For those if you in the Wine Share, you might’ve already tasted the Cantine Barbera Grillo, but for those of you who aren’t, this is such a treat! We’ve never had Grillo like this. Aromatic and textured and with the ability to age well.

Next, Marilena will pour her Nero d’Avola; a flagship wine for her and us. Her Nero d’Avola is a different style than we’ve ever seen and we love its versatility with food. 

Finally, we’re lucky enough to get to taste Marilena’s Micro Cosmos, a blend of mostly Perricone and a touch of Nerello Mascalese. This wine is, all at the same time, fresh, ripe and rich, earthy and full of minerality. A real treat that could come only from Sicily.

Tasting Notes:

 2014 Dietro le Case Single Vineyard Inzolia

A pure, unadulterated expression of Inzolia with fragrant aromas of melon, apricot, dried flowers, citrus and honey. Perfect seaside sipping, and, anything but simple. 

2016 Grillo Coste al Vento

A deliciously salty, maritime nose leads into a fresh and flavorful palate with notes of bergamot peel, Mediterranean herbs and citrus. This wine is quite textured and improves with temperature.

2017 Nero d’Avola Lu Cori

A fragrant and delicate style of Nero d’Avola with delicious notes of red apple, wild spices and fresh hints of saline. Great with a slight chill on it.

2014 Micro Cosmo Perricone

A wine made from mostly Perricone with a touch of Nerello Mascalese, this is a wine you just gotta try for yourself. Notes of dark fruit, earth, mocha, herbs and pepper with sleek tannins and a lingering freshness.