Meet the Winemaker-De Martino Wines

WNW presents Meet the Winemaker of De Martino Wines, Sebastian De Martino

We are super excited to have winemaker, Sebastian De Martino, here, to pour his delicious and special selection of Chilean wines this Wednesday 4-7 pm. Founded in 1934, the De Martino family has specialized, for four generations, in creating wines that are a faithful reflection of their origin, coming from selected parcels throughout Chile. Wines of great purity, with a sense of place and balance, are a consequence of sustainable agriculture and traditional fermentation techniques. The fourth generation headed by Marco Antonio and Sebastián De Martino, along with their team, continue with their constant search for exciting terroirs same as polishing their house style.

Sebastian makes wines with Estate fruit only, and these wines sing of terroir. He will be pouring the Estate Carmenere, Estate Sauvignon Blanc, the Gallardia Cinsault and the Legado Cabernet Sauvignon, along with a few other cellared surprises. These wines are ranked best in class and really express Chile’s terroir in the finest way possible. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try much Chilean wine or haven’t been impressed when you have, come taste and talk to the man behind these wines. We promise you’ll leave singing a different tune…and with your arms stuffed full of wine.

Tasting Notes

2018 De Martino Estate Sauvignon Blanc: Lots of refreshing citrus fruit on this wine along with notes of stone fruit and fresh cut grass.

2016 De Martino Estate Carmenere: A deliciously dense and silky palate boasting notes of ripe, dark berries, paprika and baking spices.

2016 De Martino Gallardia Cinsault: A deliciously fresh Spring and summer wine with nice, high acidity, fine grained tannins and lots of red cherry and violet on the palate.

2015 De Martino Legado Cabernet Sauvignon: A wine made from only special parcels from the Legado Reserva Range, this wine is especially characteristic of its place of origin with spicy, peppery and herbal notes along with fresh raspberry and cherry on the palate.