Meet the maker – Anne Trimbach of the Trimbach Family

This week, friends, we visit the Trimbach Family with family representative Anne! Anne Trimbach will be in store to talk us through the viticultural origin of the Trimbach Family (which dates back to 1626!) and new happenings on the estate. Today, the family vineyard is led by Hubert Trimbach, nephews Jean and Pierre, and Hubert’s daughter Anne, who is the eldest of the 13th generation. We’ll hear from Anne momentarily.

The family possesses much enthusiasm and great ambitions, the things that perpetuate tradition. Also on hand: the requirement and the know-how to bring wines to perfection. The family is so well regarded it is the undisputed master of its own “style Trimbach,” a world reference among Alsacian Wine.

Trimbach Family

The Alsace region is still quite a difficult category to push, and there are other categories which are much more well known, so in that respect some feel there still is work to be done to ensure Alsace as a region gets better recognition in restaurant wine lists.

Jean Trimbach is a vocal proponent, of course, and regularly notes that although the situation is slowly changing, the English market still lags behind the US and Scandinavia. The sky’s the limit, though!

Jean recently made a case of Denmark: “If I take Denmark, for instance–Denmark is a population of six million people. We sell as much to Denmark as we do into the U.K., so there is a beautiful potential in the U.K., but it takes more time, and I understand because you have such a pressure … from Australia, from all those regions.”

Domaine Trimbach exports around 90 percent of its production. Currently, the U.K. accounts for around 4 percent of exports, though the estate is aiming for 10 percent. The U.S. accounts for around 35 percent; Asia 6 percent.

Jean Trimbach also revealed the domaine had recently achieved the milestone of being served in every three-Michelin-star restaurant in France–the only Alsace producer to have ever achieved such a feat.

La Bouitte in Savoie–the newest three-star restaurant in France, having earned its third star in 2014–became the 26th and final three-Michelin-star to add Domaine Trimbach to its wine list a few weeks ago, Trimbach said.

Now, friends, how about we let Anne Trimbach, the “first lady of Riesling,” have the stage for a moment? The below excerpted Q&A is from wine-searcher.com. Read the full interview there.

Growing up in Alsace in a wine family, what was the earliest experience you can recall with wine? Did you drink a little bit as a child?

As I grew up at the winery, my sister and I were basically playing at the winery all the time. We were jumping from one bucket to another, running around the presses during harvests, crushing Pinot Noir with our father Pierre when sometimes we needed to. It was fun to get red legs!

Tasting as a child? Yes, but I know I did not really like it when I was young. I could put a finger in the glass and taste, but it’s more around 12 or 13 that I could have a real sip, on Sundays, in a big glass like my parents. It was the highlight of the week!

Trimbach is known as a Riesling house. How much of your production is made up of this variety?

Half of our production is Riesling, then comes Gewürztraminer around 15 percent and Pinot Gris around 12 percent. Domaine Trimbach is regarded as a Riesling specialist within the Alsace region. While Riesling accounts for around 22 percent of plantings in Alsace, at Trimbach the variety accounts for more than 45 percent.

Have you noticed a renaissance for Riesling?

Yes, I do think so. I have a feeling that people are more and more interested in Riesling, which makes me extremely happy! It needs to be better understood. I talked with Jancis Robinson, who is the queen of Riesling in England, and she told me that she has been struggling for 20 years to tell people that Riesling is the most magical white variety in the world. It’s still not there yet.

The week’s wines, friends:

2015 Trimbach, Alsace, France, Pinot Blanc :: $18 sale $15

A wine for pure pleasure! Maturing early, it is dry, well-balanced, supple and refreshing. Pinot Blanc is ideal for serving as an aperitif, at formal dinners, receptions or light meals.

Pinot blanc is widely planted in a region, Alsace, whose wine culture is a melting pot of German and French influences. One of the region’s grandest old names, Trimbach, makes a particularly good example: the 2015 vintage has a really appealing raciness and lemon meringue pie character.

2013 Trimbach, Alsace, France, Gewverstmaminer :: $28 sale $25

The fruitiest and the spiciest of the varietals–a unique wine. It is in Alsace that this grape variety reaches the height of perfection. Its dry personality makes it ideal as an aperitif and it pairs extremely well with specialty cuisine with pronounced flavors.

Gewürztraminer, pronounced Geh-vurtz-trah-meen-ur, is a highly aromatic white grape varietal that predominantly thrives in cooler regions. The grape has pink skin and is naturally high in sugar, which gives the wines their signature lychee and passionfruit aromas. The grapes bud early, ripen late and need a solid amount of acidity to balance their high amounts of natural sugar. When in balance, they are highly aromatic and extremely flavorful, bursting with melon and stone fruit flavors.

The Trimbach family has been producing wines in Alsace since the early 1600s and is on the 13th generation of winemakers, making them a legendary fixture of the region. Their vineyards are found all around Ribeauvillé and are planted in limestone-rich soils. The family has been producing dry, fruit-forward wines for 12 generations, with an emphasis on structure and age-worthiness.

Trimbach’s 2013 Gewürztraminer is an incredible example of what dry Alsatian Gewürztraminer should be; the wine is perfectly balanced, with strong aromas of lychee and rose petal. The palate is full and fruit forward, bursting with peach-melon flavors that lead to a spicy, savory finish. Perfect as an aperitif, though stellar with Asian cuisine, spicy food and soft cheeses.

2013 Trimbach, Alsace, France, Riesling :: $25 sale $22

2013 Trimbach Reserve, Alsace, France, Riesling :: $84 sale $74

One of the world’s finest grape varieties, Riesling is the most emblematic of Alsace grape varieties. Its delicate bouquet, the fine balance between its dry personality, its distinguished fruitiness and its natural vitality contribute to its exceptional richness. As the house style dictates, it is vinified dry.

These prices good through Tuesday, May 16.

Trimbach Family

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