LIOCO Wine Tasting

WNW Presents: LIOCO Wine Company
Our tasting this Wednesday is the perfect opportunity for you fall in love all over again with California.  The inspiration for LIOCO founders, Kevin O’Connor, wine director for Spago Beverly Hills and Matt Licklider, wine salesman, was a more-restained, European syle of wine that they wished California to be.  At the time of inception, California was still struggling with overt heavy-handedness when it came to winemaking techniques and they wanted to express their home state in a more genuine, pure way; let the grapes do the talking, so to speak.  in 2005 the pairs’ dreams were put into action and LIOCO Wine Company was born.
Today LIOCO is run by husband/wife duo, Matt and Sara Licklider.  Fruit for the wines is sourced from exceptional vineyards spanning 200 miles and 3 counties (Santa Cruz, Sonoma and Mendocino), and process by them and their small team in their state of the art winemaking facility in Santa Rosa. Their focus is on Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Carignan from older vines, interesting soil and heritage clones.  They also work with the occasional zinger like some coastal Syrah or mid-century planted Valdiguie when the opportunity presents itself.
Wednesday’s tasting will be hosted by the fantastic, Mike Kirlin, and you won’t want to miss his dry sense of humor or the wines he’ll be pouring.  He’ll have a little taste of everything: the LIOCO unoaked Chardonay, the Rose of Carignan, a 100% Carignan red wine, and a PInot Noir from Mendocino that’s a screamin’ deal.
These wines are interesting, nuanced and beautiful, and, you’ll find, a crazy-good value.  The unoaked Chardonnay will change you mind about Chardonnay from California forever and the both the rose and red of Carignan will have you wondering why you never drank Carignan before!  Come drink these fantastic wines with us, and come see what California is really all about.
Tasting Notes:
2017 LIOCO Unoaked Chardonnay: Lush and textured but without the use of oak, this refreshing number boasts notes of lemon curd, bay leaf, chamomile and slate.
2018 LIOCO Rose of Carignan: What exactly DOES Carignan taste like in a rose? Try guava, ruby red grapefruit, lime candy, blood orange and chalk, for starters.
2016 LIOCO Carignan: A great BBQ wine, this Carignan has notes of salted plum, black raspberry, cola, cacao and sarsaparilla.
2017 LIOCO Mendocino Pinot Noir: Burgundian in style, this PInot boasts delightful notes of red fruit, earth and racy acidity.