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Nearly a millennia ago under the dominion of the Republic of Venice, the region of Prata di Pordenone started to gain importance as an agricultural region. Le Monde is a territory lying within this region between the Livenza and Meduna rivers, close to the border between the provinces of Treviso and Pordenone, all within the D.O.C of Friuli Grave. The “Serenissima” (Venetian Republic), built Venetian villas in this area and developed its agricultural resources in nearby farms located along watercourses connecting them to the Venetian Lagoon.


Friuli Grave is the largest appellation in Friuli Venezia Giulia accounting for more than 50% of the region’s wine production. The high Friuli plain, sheltered by the Alpine foothills, has a particularly original landscape marked with stony soils called “Magredi” or “Grave”. Over thousands of years, rivers deposited enormous quantities of calcareous-dolomitic material. The foothills protect the valley from the icy winds from the north. The nearby Adriatic Sea provides a maritime influence. The pebbles and stones reflect the light in the day and store heat to be released at night. All this creates an environment very well suited to agriculture. The winery headquarters, built in the eighteenth century maintains the architectural characteristics of the time.


Le Monde takes its name from the Germanic word “mundio” that referred to the protection granted by the Austrian Emperor to some lands. With 50 hectares (125 acres) of vineyards, Le Monde was founded in 1970 by the Pistioni family and taken over by the Maccan family in 2008. The Maccan family is from the Prata di Pordenone area and became quite successful in industrial technology. The family had the desire to lift the quality of wine in the region to its highest potential. Alex Maccan, then 31, passionate about wine was energized and enthusiastic to take on the task.

From the beginning, the Maccans sought the advice of top wine consultants, first Franco Bernabei and now Giovanni Ruzzene. They wanted to produce wines with freshness of fruit, balance, with immediate accessibility and enjoyment.


2017 Le Monde, Fruili Italy – Friulano :: $22 Sale $19

Straw yellow, tending towards green. Fine, delicately intense, characterized by notes of fruit and flowers. Fresh, dry, soft, smooth to the palate with distinct flavor. Ideal as an aperitif, great with soups, cold cuts and savory fish dishes. A very interesting match with eastern cuisine.

2017 Le Monde, Fruili Italy – Sauvignon Blanc :: $22 Sale $19

Straw yellow with golden tints Classic aromas of sauvignon, peppers, tomato leaf with varied sweet, enveloping, persistent characteristics. Fresh, lively highly pleasurable with optimal persistence. Ideal as aperitif, great with soups, cold cuts and savory fish dishes.  A very interesting match with eastern cuisine.

2017 Le Monde, Fruili Italy – Refosco :: $22 Sale $19

This Refosco has strong ruby red with violet tints. Enveloping, elegant musk fragrances with hints of wild berries. Aristocratic and very elegant. Pairs well with red meat and game.

2017 Le Monde, Fruili Italy – Cabernet Franc :: $22 Sale $19

Soil type plays a large role in viticulture – and ultimately the style of the wine. Here, at the base of the Alps and near the Adriatic Sea, the vines of Le Monde are grown on argillaceous (sedimentary) soils of fine rock, fossilized shells, chalk and limestone. Earthy flavours, leather and some minerality provide interest and complexity. Medium bodied, smooth and supple, with fine tannin and moderate acidity. Pairs well with seared pork loin or chops, with a chutney and root vegetables.



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