Kristen’s Spring Wine Picks

WNW presents Kristen’s Spring Picks!

Maybe it’s because there’s been a change in season, but we’re switching up the show over here a bit, folks.  Nothing major.  There’s still a tasting the first Wednesday of the month, it just won’t be called the Wine Share Tasting.  Instead, Kristen will hit the bar with some of her picks of the week.  This will include a wine share vino or two, and the rest of the line up, you’ll just have to come out for each week!  Kristen is all about themes, so themes there will be.  (Don’t dare her to dress to the theme…you’ll get more than you bargained for, we promise.)  We don’t know exactly what to expect from our First Wednesday tastings now, but we CAN promise fun, a million food pairing ideas, possibly costumes and a tailored playlist and DELICIOUS wines to taste and talk about.  Join us this week for Kristen’s Spring Picks and get in the mood for the upcoming days of summer.  

So, what exactly is a “Spring Tasting, you ask.”  Well, frankly, it could be just about anything that puts you in the mood for it, but for us it’s fresh reds and bright, crisp and pretty whites.  (Trust us, there’s rose to come soon, but we’re trying to build up the anticipation, so you’ll have to wait).  
Tasting will start out with a delicious, domestic Sauv Blanc from Napa Valley, California.  This Sauv Blanc is a part of our Share this month AND hails from our Winery of the Month, Mondavi.  The Sauv Blanc is bright, crisp and fruity.  Next, we’ll taste wine that’s new to the shop that Kristen has been looking forward to sharing, the MWC Pinot Gris from Victoria, Australia.  This Pinot Gris is affordable, delicious and we think it’s fun to drink this grape from a continent far, far away that we don’t think about nearly enough.  Our third wine is a real special treat; the Salomon Riesling.  The Solomon Riesling is dry Riesling from Austria, NOT Germany, as one might expect.  It is a Riesling that will turn heads and change minds and that goes amazingly well with all spring fare.  Finally, we’ll taste a new Dolcetto to the shop hailing from her home, Piedmont, Italy.  This Dolcetto is also in the Wine Share, and we love it for its versatility, it’s freshness and its everydayability…that’s right.  Made that word up, because this Dolcetto is so good it deserves a made up word.  

See you Wednesday night.  What should we wear??

Tasting Notes:

2017 Oberon Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley, California. Layered fresh flavors of green apple, tart kiwi, melon and pear.  Great acidity and totally lip smacking.

2017 MWC Pinot Gris, Victoria, Australia. A slightly textural and savory style of Pinot Gris due to bit of skin contact and notes of pear, lychee and exotic spice.

2017 Salomon Riesling, Austria. Beautiful citrus aromatics on this Riesling and racy, taut acidity that will have you drooling.

2015 Giribaldi Dolcetto d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy. A delicious and fresh red evoking aromas of dark berries, cherry, clove and nutmeg.