Kristen’s Spring Picks for May

WNW presents Kristen’s Picks for May!

We love the beginning of the month around here!  It’s a new Wine Share, a new tasting schedule up on the board, and, in the case of May, a whole new month of warm weather to pair wines with. This Wednesday Kristen has a surprise line up of May favorites to pour. White, red and rosé that we’re all diggin’ and excited to get in your hands. It looks like it might be another rainy one this week, but we’ll never let that stop us from pouring delicious and springy vino. Kristen might even wear something tropical just to stick it to the weather. Maybe if you do too, well get a little discount at the register for playing dress up with us;)
Interested in finding out a little more about our Wine Share? Ask us about new (and even better!) club options starting in June. Let us help you drink better.