Kristen’s Quaffable Sippers!

WNW Presents Kristen’s Quaffable Sippers
Quaffable sippers?? Why, yes please! It’s summer, and this week’s temperatures are finally making that quite evident.  Our answer to hot-as-heck temps, no A/C and dinners that either have to happen outside where the grill is or require no cooking is wine. Cold, chuggable, deliciously refreshing wine. Be it red, white or rosé, sometimes wine just needs to relieve the heat and make us smile.
These wines, quaffable as they may be, do not lack history, character and deliciousness, though. Take for instance the Bolzano Kerner we’ll be pouring. This wine is a staff and customer favorite. Hailing from Alto Adige in northern Italy, this cool climate wine (a hybrid of Schiava and Riesling created in 1930) provides great, refreshing acidity, plenty of mineral character and lots of stone fruit and citrus notes. Everything from the Bolzano cooperative is delicious, by the way. We also have their Müller Thurgau and their Schiava, and we go to bat for any of these beauties.
And what about Vinho Verde? When you look in the dictionary, we think there should just be a picture of a bottle of Vinho Verde; possibly, the world’s most quaffable wine. Light, spritzy, and a touch fruity, the Lago Vinho Verde well have open to share will not disappoint, we promise. And the price? Forget about it!
Of course we have to throw a Rosé into the line up of quaffable sippers! This one is special and one of Kristen’s favorites. The Fritz Müller Frizzante Rosé is a blend of Portugieser and Pinot Noir with a touch of fizz and more than a touch of major deliciousness. The idea for the wine and its white counterpart came from a pair of friends who craved this effervescent style of wine, and, so, created Fritz Müller. We need to apologize in advance; this wine’s gonna become your new addiction.
And don’t forget…reds can be quaffable too! The red well feature is called Glou Glou; literally translating from French to glug glug. Uh, so yeah. It’s pretty quaffable. The Glou Glou is produced by Las Jaras wines out of Sebastopol, California and is a carbonically macerated, no sulfur added Mendocino Charbono. Say that five times fast. The aim of winemakers Joel Burt and Eric Wareheim? To create delicious wines of energy and balance. Wines that reflect their unique terroir with little or no intervention. This wine is a definite example of Glou Glou and you’ll see this wine disappear faster than you’d like…so buy two.