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    From Grape to Glass

    ‘Why Not Wednesday’

    The Grapes of Spain, Inc. has been in operation since November 2001, and made its US debut in the Spring of 2002, bringing in the first container of high-quality wines from a collection of 8 Spanish wine producers. The company has grown since its inception and consequent entrance into the US market and boasts a portfolio of more than 90 varieties of wine from 36 different producers, exclusively from Spain. What makes Grapes of Spain different is that the company sources its wines from small, family-owned winegrowers who are better focused on limited production and high quality. The company transports its wines directly from Spain in refrigerated containers to its Lorton temperature-controlled warehouse.

    Pearl Wine Company and Grapes of SpainFounder of the company, Aurelio Cabestrero, was born in Madrid, Spain. Prior to his debut in the United States at the Taberna del Alabardero where he worked as a Sommelier, he worked at the Café de Oriente Restaurant in Madrid. He also held the Sommelier position at Washington DC’s Marcel’s before leaving the industry to follow his dream to be the best importer of high-quality wines from his native Spain.

    Join us this Wednesday, September 7th with Andrew Holden to taste these incredible wines from Spain. Featured wines will be on sale until September 13th.

    Biutiful, Cava Brut Rosé $18 Sale $15

    Isaac Fernandez Selection is the newest venture of the famous winemaker, Isaac Fernandez, who has spent more than 25 years producing some of the best wines in the Ribera del Duero region. He seeks to respect the identity of each vineyard and to nurture wines that balance power, finesse and purity with the capacity to age. Grapes were destemmed and saw a few hours of skin contact prior to pressing. The wine was aged on lees for a minimum of 9 months without exposure to light or movement to incorporate great complexity, a round mouthfeel and fine bubbles.

    Viticultors del Priorat, Vega Escal Priorat (2008) $24 Sale $20

    This wine’s fruits are grown in the warmer Gratallops region. The region features Carinena where vines average 50 years, and the Syrah where the vines average 10 years. The grapes are typically harvested by hand in mid-September, and each variety separately fermented in skins for up to 22 days before they are processed. The varieties are then aged in American and French oak barrels for six months. The region’s history dates back to 1163 with the formation of a Priorat (more commonly known as priory) by the Carthusian monks. The region is still known for producing high-quality wines 8 centuries later.

    Isaac Fernandez Seleccion, Finca la Mata Tempranillo (2014) $21 Sale $18

    Isaac Fernandez is a renowned winemaker with over 25 years in the industry. He is recognized as a leader is producing high-quality wines specifically from the Ribera del Duero region. His collaboration with a modern winery that has been in operation since 1941 has taken his labels to the next level. Isaac focuses on respecting each vineyard’s identity and nurturing wines that balance capacity to age, purity and finesse.

    Manuel Manzaneque Suarez, Fatum Bobal/Tempranillo (2014)  $15 Sale $13

    Manuel Manzaneque Suarez knows all there is to know about wines after working for more than 10 years at his father’s La Mancha eponymous estate. He has since worked in collaboration with other renowned wineries, and more importantly, ¡Ea!, his own personal project. The focus of his project is the La Mancha region’s Cencibel vine which offers the best quality to price ratios in the world. All his fruits are sourced from old vineyards that provide high-quality raw grapes.

    Saturday Tasting

    Pearl Wine Company | Renegade BrewingRenegade Beer and Ice Cream

    This is beer for those who do the don’ts and don’t the dos, the Renegades. Renegade Beer doesn’t care about traditional styles, or following the trends, they only care about making delicious beer. And we like drinking it. We know you will too. 

    Join us this Saturday from 4-7 at the shop and enjoy the best of both worlds:  Beer & Ice Cream.

    Discover why 5280 Magazine Readers and Editors voted Pearl Wine Company Denver’s BEST BOTTLE SHOP. PWC takes pride in being Denver’s best wine shop – a craft liquor specialty store. Conveniently located on South Pearl Street in Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood.

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