Giuliana Imports Wine and Olive Oil

We are so excited for this weeks Why Not Wednesday! Our good friends and partners from Giuliana Imports will be in store showing us not only some fantastic wines but also Olive Oil all from family owned properties. Olive Oil like wine is all about where it comes from the, specific type of Olive Tree, place where it comes from, and the people that harvest the grape. Olive Oil has been center stage over the past 3-5 years involving scandals of blending canola oil with olive oil to stretch it, purchasing oil from other countries and blending in to increase your production. If you really want to dive deep into the scandals pick up the book, “Extra Virginity” or check out this 60 minutes segment. 

So, if you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting REAL Italian olive oil, now is your chance! If you have, now you know where to find it. Giuliana Imports is a wine and olive oil importer founded by Steve Lewis and Tavio Laudisio in 1996 in Boulder Colorado. Giuliana is directly responsible for elevating Italian wine in Colorado, they specialize in seeking out and finding the best wines that are family owned and bringing them to us. We have worked with Steve, Tavio and Brian (Steve’s brother) for many years before opening our shop and are thrilled to work with them now at Pearl Wine Company!

This week we will focus on Italy. We will taste wine and olive oil’s from the Veneto Region as well as Tuscany – alongside four delicious wines that come from the same regions! Brian Lewis will be in store to educate us on the world of Olive Oil and talk to us about the family wineries they represent. Please join us in welcoming Giuliana Imports to the shop this week for Why Not Wednesday!



Bonamini 2016 DOP Veneto-Valpolicella Delicate Fruit – 500ml:: Reg $20 Sale 18.50

This tiny olive oil appellation in the hills of Verona only produces 0.2% of the olive oil in all of Italy but was one of the first to receive DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) status in 1980.  Chefs from all around Italy fight for it’s delicate production.  Sabrina Bonamini is hands down the queen of the area and her family is regarded as the gold standard for this delicate fruit oil. It is a rare oil as it’s Northern location produces a very smooth and elegant style as compared to the strong oils of Tuscany and the South.


Pruneti Colline Firenze BIO 2016 – Tuscany Medium Fruit, from Florence hills – 500ml :: Reg $29 Sale $25

The single most awarded producer in Tuscany.  The Pruneti brothers Paolo and Gionni are legends and have dedicated their lives to quality olive oil.  The farm is located 7km south of Florence.  A classic example of rich Tuscan oil with intense fruit.  Perfect for finishing steaks and vegetables.  Certified Organic.




2016 Fiore Arneis, Piemonte Italy  :: Reg $14 Sale 12.50

Andrea Fiore is a young and energetic producer taking his family from selling bulk wine and grapes to producing estate bottled products. These are incredible value wines from Piedmont that are 100% estate produced!  The Arneis is aromatic and crispy with a great texture and a finish that has a little bitter note, delicious!


2015 Lenotti Valpolicella, Veneto Italy :: Reg $15 Sale $13

Claudio Lenotti is 5th generation producer from the picturesque village of Bardolino on the shores of Lake Garda.  Their Valpolicella is particularly good because they blend 5% Amarone into the cuvee to give the wine great character while remaining an incredible value.  We love this historically easy, light bodied wine that packs in the flavor.  A blend of Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara.


2015 Mocali Rosso di Montalcino, Tuscany Italy :: Reg $24 Sale $21

Organically farmed Sangiovese from the famous village of Montalcino, aged 1 year in wood casks.  AMAZING vintage for the Montalcino area. This is Sangiovese from Montalcino, rich cherry fruits with a ripe Mediterranean quality. Awesome value!


2012 Fortulla Rosso IGT Rosso, Tuscany Italy :: Reg $36 Sale $32

Organically farmed and made by Luca d’Atoma the famous winemaker from La Machiole.  A blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon (super tuscan, cab frac driven and awesome!). The style is traditional Medoc meets Tuscany, it’s aged in oak vats but no new oak sweet notes, this is all mineral, flinty and aromatic! The farm and vineyards reside just north of the village Castiglioncello directly on the Tuscan coast.

::Saturday Tasting:: 

Jack Rabbit Hill is a diversified farm located in western Colorado’s North Fork Valley, near the town of Hotchkiss. Their 70-acre property grows 18 acres of grapes, sheep, and cattle. They make JRH Farm Wines (vineyard-driven wines),  WineTapistry (keg & box wines) , CapRock& Mell Vodka (craft spirits) and New Avalon Grower Ciders (fermented ciders) .

When it comes to making tasty products, they have their noses in the dirt as much as in the glass, because all great beverages start with clean growing practices! In 2000 they were a certified organic farm, and in 2006 they started farming biodynamic.

We start sippin’ and tastin’ at 4pm. Hope you can make it! Tag your pics #pickitupatpearl and #Neverabadbottle so we can CHEERS! 



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