Why not Giuliana Direct Olive Oil?

Olive Oil grove (Giuliana Direct Olive Oil)This Wednesday we are changing it up and are going to do an olive oil tasting! We have invited in the most amazing outfit: Giuliana Direct Olive Oil. More on them in a sec!

In general, like wine, not all olive oil is created equal. If you ask a winemaker to talk about another family’s wine, they typically will praise their neighbor. However, if you’re talking olive oil, the conversation quickly becomes competitive!

The famed news show 60 Minutes ran an episode this past year investigating the olive oil business and how corrupt it has become at the hands of the Mafia, or the “Agromafia” as it was called.

The fact of their involvement in the industry is the olive oil that we buy in the store might not be as pure as we thought it was. Consider this: Italy exports more olive oil than it produces. How on earth can that be?! I’ll tell you: adding and blending. The most common approach is for an Italian producer to import to Italy lower-quality oils from other part of the Mediterranean region, North Africa specifically. Those oils are then added to the Italian oil and the result is what we see in our stores.

It’s well documented that as much as 90 percent of the olive oil sold in the U.S. is adulterated and/or mislabeled.Raw olive oil (Giuliana Direct Olive Oil)

Enter Giuliana Direct Olive Oil. GDOO, LLC was founded by Steve Lewis in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado. Steve’s mission is to offer the freshest and highest-quality extra virgin olive oil at the lowest prices possible.

Some of you might remember Steve from earlier this year, he also owns a wine import company. Over the years of visiting wineries he has become obsessed with olive oil.

Steve personally knows each and every farm from which he buys, and he is on good terms with the families who produce the oils. Every producer grows their own olives, make their own oils and, most importantly, bottle on their own farms, thus guaranteeing the authenticity. Many of the producers have devout local following in their individual regions. Some of the families have been producing oils for over five generations.

These are are 100 percent authentic oils and are estate grown and bottled. Just as with our wines, I would not sell these products if they did not adhere to my philosophy of local, craft and family first.

This Wednesday we will have some lovely oils for you to try:

Isole e Olena, Chianti Classico Tuscany, Italy :: $28

In the wine world, Paolo’s work is like no other. His Cepparello is one of Italy’s greatest wines. However, Paolo speaks of his olive trees with even more passion. Many of his trees are 150-plus years old, and he presses the olives immediately after harvest, less than two hours of being picked.

De Carlo Torre di Mossa, Terre di Bari Puglia, Italy :: $20

De Carlo was the “Farm of the Year” in 2014 as chosen by Flos Olei Guide (olive oil guide). The family has been producing olive oil since the 1600s, but in the 1970’s, Saverio de Carlo blazed a path which his previous ancestors were unwilling to take. The result today is De Carlo has become one of the world’s greatest producers of olive oil. Their groves produce some of the most intense fruit which is full of notes of spice, green herbs and green almonds, all of which transport the taster to another dimension.

Alberto Romano Ortice, Benevento, Campania, Italy :: $18

Alberto Romano’s groves are are located at the base of Mount Taburno in Campania. He farms the “Ortice” variety of olives which were held in the highest regard during the roman times and which produced the finest olive oils in the Mediterranean. Flavors of artichoke, radish and tomato leafs. Farmed organically.

Oro Bailen Picaul, Andalusia, Spain :: $24
Jose Galvez Gonzales runs this family farm located in Andalusia, which is in the very southern tip of Iberian Peninsula. Picual is the olive variety that reigns king in this region, and, given that description, it’s no surprise these oils are intense: bright, fresh, notes of basil, thyme and green apple. These are some of the most complex oils out there.


We’re also taking things out and chopping them up for our Saturday tasting, too! (Why not, right?!) This Saturday we invite in Wandering Aengus Ciderworks from Salem, Oregon, whose simple philosophy we just love:

1. Apples pressed and fermented become cider.
2. Different apples will produce different ciders.

Based on these simple tenets we source apples grown specifically for fermentation. We have discovered that the most interesting fermenting apples are heirloom varieties from England, France and pre-prohibition North America.

Get in here Saturday to taste what they’re all about! We start sippin’ and tastin’ at 4pm. Hope you can make it!

Tag your pics #pickitupatpearl so we can CHEERS! 

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