German and Austrian Summer Sippers!

WNW Presents: Summer Sips from Austria and Germany
Austria and Germany may not be the first (or even the second or third) place your mind goes when you think of summer thirst quenchers, but come to the tasting on Wednesday and just TRY to leave dissatisfied. We bet, not only, will you not leave dissatisfied but, quite the opposite, we think you’ll leave pleasantly surprised, a bottle in each hand and the desire to tell every human you come into contact with about Gruner Veltliner. And we’d put money on that bet. Wednesday’s line up will feature Austrian grape varietals in red, white and sparkling format, as well as, a DRY German Riesling in a liter bottle! You’re gonna be psyched on that extra glass…trust us.
From Austria we’ll start with the Huber Sparkling Rosé of Zweigelt and Pinot. Not only is the label on this sparkler gorgeous, but the wine inside is, too! The wine is dry but juicy and fruity in the most delicious way. The color of the wine is a vibrant pink…trust us; it’s not sweet nor simple. Learn to experiment when it comes to sparkling rosé and know that the color says nothing about quality or sugar levels. This baby is a staff favorite and is soon to be a customer favorite, as well. Next we’ll pour the Ecker Gruner Veltliner. This liter of deliciously crisp, apple skin and mineral flavored wine is sure to make an appearance at all outdoor soirées you host until the end of time. All Gruner is dry. Most Gruner is from Austria. This grape is NOT to be confused with Gewurtztraminer. Different grape, entirely. Also, cool fact: Gruner Veltliner is, supposedly, the only grape that pairs well with asparagus. Up next is a German favorite if ours, the Steinmetz Riesling. Not only does this Riesling come in a liter bottle, but it is also dry, delicious and refreshing, and BONUS it’s made by a guy with a really furrowed brow who claims to never smile but Kristen made him smile at the last tasting event she met him at. Score. Finally, we’ll finish the line up with an Austrian red that’s just perfect for every season, but divine with a slight chill in the summer; the Schlosskellerei Gobelsburg Zweigelt. Say that 5 times fast. You can’t. This delightful grape from Austria is fresh and bright with dark fruit notes and a touch of pepper. We think it will become another customer fave, as well.
Come see us Wednesday 4-7 to try all of these wonderful treats and to expand your mind. Your palate will appreciate it.
Tasting Notes:
2017 Huber Sparkling Rosé: A delightful sparkling wine made from Zweigelt and Pinot Noir grapes. Elegant notes of citrus, Forrest fruit and bright red cherries.
2017 Ecker Gruner Veltliner: Bright, crisp and with racy acidity, this Gruner boasts classic notes of sage, lemon and apple skins.
2016 Steinmetz Riesling: Delicate tangerine and yellow peach flavors layered in smoke and dusty slate in this almost-dry Riesling.
2017 Schlosskellerei Gobelsburg Zweigelt: An aromatic and elegant red showing fresh notes of red forest fruit, cherries and white pepper.