Why Not Wednesday- FUSO21 from Porto Vino

FUSO21 is one of the best of Italy’s daily drinkers – the wines you’d find in a memorable local trattoria or wine bar. Italians have a long DIY tradition of bringing a big ol’ glass jug damigiana to fill up at their favorite local producer. FUSO21 offers easy drinking wines that are from interesting and dynamic growers rather than from tank farms. FUSO21 wines are an affordable option that isn’t from a mass producer, they believe in quality and in economic sustainability for the grower and the land. They also believe that there are lots of folks who will pay a smidgeon more for a daily drinker with some character. Keeping true to vini quotidiani, they choose deliciousness over complexity and polish.

These are wines to drink by themselves, or to sip away with some olives as an aperitivo while cooking. Of course, they are happy on your dinner table too. What you don’t drink (white or red), throw in the fridge and bring out the next night. All of the FUSO21 wines are made from native grape varieties that the locals drink. They are vinified in concrete or stainless steel tanks so as not to mask the flavors, and are either lightly filtered or unfiltered.

2015 FUSO21, Piemonte Italy – Barbera :: $18 Sale $16

FUSO21 is a long-term project to bring in authentic, local wines from each of the 21 regions of Italy – wines from real growers rather than from tank farms. Starting with Fuso Barbera from Walter Massa in the Colli Tortonesi in Piemonte. It’s a daily drinker: affordable, natural, minimally filtered, everyday-delicious wine from an interesting growing area (Colli Tortonesi). It’s a real wine for really good pizza or spaghetti. Plus, it’s a natural wine quality-price-ratio hero!

Fuso Barbera isn’t a private label with wine from anywhere; it’s all estate fruit, vinified with a slow, traditional fermentation and aged in concrete tanks.  FUSO21 works closely with Walter to choose the vineyards and make the final cuvée.


2016 FUSO21 ‘Le Salse’ di Matelica, Le Marche Italy – Verdicchio :: $18 Sale $16

Le Salse is the second wine that was found in the hunt for high-quality local daily-drinkers from regional varieties. Verdicchio is the white wine of the Marche (central Italy, along the eastern coast). It’s FUSO21’s response to the ocean of Pinot Grigio that has washed up on U.S. shores: refreshing, versatile, glug-able, but with real character.

The vineyards are on top of a Jurassic-period raised sea bed, near saltwater springs called le salse (from sale / salt.) The high altitude of the raised valley (450 meters), its north-south orientation, and the distance inland from the sea combine to block off the tempering coastal influence and result in large day / night temperature differences.

The wine is racy with minerality, but with some body. Tangerine and green apple. A thirsty-quenching, easy-going, versatile white wine for those who want something with all the refreshment of but with character. At the Table… Aperitivo, seafood (including raw oysters)… anything you’d drink white wine with, really!


2016 FUSO21 Toscana Rosso IGT ‘Brusco’, Tuscany Italy – Sangiovese :: $18 Sale $16

“Brusco” is still used in the Tuscan dialect today defining a person or thing that is off the cuff and a bit rough but genuine through and through. Maiano is a certified organic, and family owned historic property in Chianti, where grapes are sourced for the daily drinking ‘Brusco’. The estate is the classic Tuscan postcard: 55 hectares of gentle rolling hills of vine interspersed with Cypress trees and olive groves, and an agroturismo that serves up local food and provides lodging.

The growing area of Montespertoli never entered into the Chianti Classico consortium, and that’s one reason the area, even as it is so close to Florence, is relatively unknown to Chianti lovers. In The soil here , compared to say Panzano or nearby San Casciano, is mostly clay intermixed with porous limestone (tufo), rather than clay with mixed with pebbles and gravel. These wines also have modest levels of acidity and tannins. The wines are balsamic on the  nose and on the mouth feel a little eucalyptus. These aren’t wine for laying down. Enjoy this wine chilled down a bit. Perhaps the famous painting of the Mangiafagioli (The Beaneater) will inspire you for your own picnic or weekday meal.

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