Drink Pink-Staff Faves!

Ever wonder if one rosé really is better than another? I mean, if you can get a delicious rosé for $12, why pay $18 or $24, right? Does price point really make a difference when it comes to all that pink wine? The answer is yes. Mostly.
Our rosé selection at Pearl Wine Company is hand selected for quality, taste and integrity (and sometimes a pretty bottle doesn’t hurt, of course). If you see a $10 Rosé in our shop, it means we think it’s the most excellent you can buy for $10. $10 can get you everything you want in s Rosé, sometimes. Our Montgravet, our Magellan, those rosés are crisp, dry and refreshing, and for a hot day and some pool swimming or picnicking maybe that’s all you need. But spend a touch more and you’ll get Rosé made from grapes you’ve never heard of, texture, body, complexity, greater aromatics and a wine that will really open up given s not of time (or at least by the time you get to the end of the bottle).  This does NOT always mean more expensive rosé is always better. There is plenty of overpriced rosé out there baiting you with a beautiful rose shaped bottle or some other gimmick that will leave you wanting much more for the $30 price tag you just paid for it. But we can promise, in OUR store we love taste-tested and have formed a love affair with all of our rosés, no matter the occasion you’re looking to toast to. Spend $10, $15, $20 or $30, you’re gonna get something delicious that we stamped with our approval and want you to love, as well.
This Wednesday come take a taste of what a few more bucks can afford you! We’ll be tasting a delicious line up of rosés that are some of our staff favorites. We’ll have the Jakue Txakoli rosé from the Basque Country of Spain, and if you love zesty, high acid wines you’re gonna go nuts over this zinger. We’ll also have two examples of wines from the Cotes de Provence, the Puech Haut Prestige and the Chateau Peyrassol. These wines are classic styles of rosé with beautiful aromatics, a soft mouthfeel, crisp acidity and will just make you feel good about yourself. Finally, we’ll have a Rosé from Beaujolais, the La Galoche. This wine is 100% Gamay and a juicy favorite. We’ve had to convince a few people to pick this up since the color is darker and more unexpected, but once they did they came back for more.
Tasting Notes:
2018 Finca Jakue Txakolina Rosé: Zesty, fresh and with rippin’ acidity, this wine boasts notes of lime juice, saline, strawberry and watermelon.
2018 Puech Haut Prestige Rosé: This Classic Provençal rosé hits all the notes. You’ll find beautiful aromatics, refreshing acidity, minerality and notes of citrus blossom, cherries and Mediterranean brush.
2018 Ch. Peyrassol Commanderie Rosé: An old vine blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Ugni Blanc and Rolle, this wine is a beautiful example of Provence with notes of apricot, peach and white flowers.
2018 Saint Cyr La Galoche Rosé: A juicy treat made from 100% Gamay and just downright yummy. Bright strawberry and raspberry and some herbal notes, to boot.