Discover Italy

This week we’re talking about Italy’s lesser knowns. The grape that make you nervous to pronounce, so you never order them. The grapes that don’t sound like anything even mildly recognizable, so you shy away. For us, 2019 is the year of drinking out of our comfort zone. You’ve heard the expression “New Year, new you?” How about, “New Year, new grapes!” Come by this week and get the year going in the right direction!

*Bonus! If you come try these four wines this Wednesday, you can check off four wines from the De Long’s Wine Grape Varietal Table pictured below…which you should buy, too, because it’s awesome. #goals
#1) Suavia, Soave
Well, Rico Suave! Looking for a sexy northern Italian white that will get you comfortably outside  of your Pinot Grigio box? Try Soave (So-wah-vay). It’s made with 100% Garganega (gar-gan-ah-ga) and it’s crisp and clean with notes of green apple, pear, almonds and herbs with clean mineral notes and refreshing acidity.
#2) Marchese di Gresy Dolcetto
Dolcetto (dole-chet-toe) is Piedmont’s hidden gem. Many Barolo producers are also making this quaffable wine in small amounts that we will never see. Why? Because they’re drinking it all themselves! And if it’s the wine the winemaker and his family consume, doesn’t that say something? This example is lovely and medium bodied with classic notes of red currant, bitter cherry, juicy red berry fruit and a touch of mocha.
#3) Argiolas Perdera, Monica (as in Monica from Friends)
Welcome to the islands, mon! Sardinia is a super cool wine region to explore and chock full of grapes that are native to this region. Try this wine, and you’ll be drinking something that grows exclusively on Sardinia. The Argiolas Monica is an easy drinking style meant to pair well with just about anything, including an array of seafood! It’s full of soft, red fruit, cherries, plums, floral notes and spices.
#4) Bisceglia, Terre Vulcano Aglianico Del Vulture
This southern Italian wine is characterized as Aglianico del Vulture because it is literally sitting on Mount Vulture, an ancient volcano. This volcano dominates the landscape and characterizes the soil with ash of past eruptions. This is one of our favorite examples of this grape with notes of blackberries and spices, forest floor and hints of smoke. A beautifully balanced wine begging for grilled red meat.